Every month the club holds a Hands On event on a Saturday morning from 9:00-12:00 (check the calendar for the next date).  All members are invited to attend and work on their own projects or watch other woodturners and ask questions.

This is an opportunity to work one on one with an experienced woodturner to create a specific item, learn a new technique, or hone your skills with a particular tool. If you would like to work with an instructor, we ask that you sign up ahead of time to ensure there is a lathe available for you and a turner matched to your specific project or needs.  Note:  priority of the Powermatic lathe will go to the instructors.

Anyone who is present at Hands-On is welcome to watch an instructor and student and ask questions.   We only ask that members who are not participating in the one on one instruction refrain from helping with their own ideas.  Of course there are many ways to approach turning, but it can be confusing during the learning process to hear several different methods at once.

Please contact Pablo Gazmuri with any questions or to sign up. We ask that anyone wishing to turn at a Hands-On email Pablo to reserve a lathe. Also, kindly contact Pablo if you are interested in participating as an instructor.