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Item #TitleAuthorCategoryYear Published
100Learning At The LatheAAW
38Wood Finishers HandbookAllen, SamGeneral Wood1984
59Polychromatic Assy for WoodturnersBrown & BrownSegmented W.T.1974
13The Craftsman WoodturnerChilds, PeterTurning
15Google Sketchup for DummiesChopra, AidanDesign2007
31Turning for FurnitureConover, ErnieTurning1996
34Turn a Bowl Conover, ErnieTurning2000
27Turning GobletsCripps M. & Snyder J.Turning1996
19Woodturning MethodsDarlow, MikeTurning1999
3Bandsaw HandbookDuginske, MarkGeneral1989
46Traditional Furniture ProjectsFine WoodworkingGeneral Wood 1991
54Proven Shop TipsFine WoodworkingGeneral Wood1985
14Face Plate TurningFine Woodworking Turning1987
35Lathes and Turning Techniques Fine Woodworking Turning1991
47Understanding Wood FinishingFlexner, BobGeneral Wood1994
22Useful Woods of the WorldFlynn & HolderGeneral Wood2001
48Wood FinishingFrank, GeorgeGeneral Wood1988
102Msswt News LettersGrimes, Ernie
7Fabulous Turned Wood ProjectsHeibert, Hazen, BergenTurning2005
23Understanding WoodHoadley, R.B.General Wood1080
25Hand or Simple TurningHoltzapffel, J. J.Turning1976
29Woodturning, A Source Book of ShapesHunnex, JohnDesigns/Gallery1993
43500 Wood BowlsLark BooksTurning/Carving2004
8Turning Wooden ToysLawrence, TerryTurning1994
26Lathe Turned ObjectsLeCoff, ADesigns/Gallery1989
20Sculpting WoodLinquest, MarkW.T./Carving     1986
62New Masters of WoodTurningMartin & WallaceGallery2008
28Techniques of Spiral WorkMortimer, StuartTurning1995
33A Treatise on Lathes & TurningNorthcott, Henry W.Turning1987
37Practical WoodturnerPain, FTurning1990
6Making Money from WoodturningPhillips, Ann & BobTurning1994
30Good Wood Vol.1Powers, Steven SGeneral Wood2008
16Carving on TurningPye, ChrisW.T./Carving1995
42Carving on TurningPye, ChrisTurning/Carving2008
4Turning WoodRaffan, RichardTurning1985
21Turned Bowl DesignRaffan, RichardDesigns/Gallery1987
57Turning BoxesRaffan, RichardTurning2002
101TurningRaffan, Richard
1Skilled WorkRenwick GalleryDesigns/Gallery1998
98Christmas OrnamentsRex & Kip
32The Woodturner’s CompanionRoszkiewich, RonTurning1984
51Woodturning, A Foundation CourseRowley, KeithTurning1990
99Woodturninng A Foundation CourseRowley, Keith
36Pleasure & Profit from WoodturningSherwin, RegTurning1988
2Useful Beauty, Turning Practical ItemsSing, DickTurning1995
9Turning Ornaments & EggsSing, DickTurning2002
41Pens From the Wood LatheSing, DickPen Turning1996
56Collectors ChoiceSOFA Chicago, 2002Gallery2002
10The Art of the LatheSpeilman, PatrickTurning1996
44Sharpening BasicsSpeilman, PatrickGeneral Wood1991
17Adventures in WoodturningSpringett, DavidTurning1999
18Woodturning Wizardry Springett, DavidDiabolical W.T.1993
61Woodturning Full CircleSpringett, DavidTrickery W.T.2008
40Setting Up Your Own WorkshopStankus, BillGeneral Wood1979
39Encyclopedia of WoodSterlingGeneral Wood1989
60The Art of Segmented Wood TurningTibbetts, MalcolmSegmented W/T2003
52Routing and ShapingTime Life BooksGeneral Wood1993
11Woodturning TechniquesWoodturning MagazineTurning
12Practical Tips for WoodturnersWoodturning MagazineTurning
49Country Projects for WoodworkersWoodworkers JournalGeneral Wood1990
58Woodturning TechniquesWooldridge, W. J.Turning1982
24Woodturning in N. America Since 1930Yale Art GalleryDesigns/Gallery2001
5Lathe-Turned Objects      York GraphicsDesigns/Gallery                                     1990


Item #TitleAuthorDuration
18W.T. Fundamentals of SharpeningAAW111 min
108Instant GalleryAAW120 min
90Hand Thread ChasingBatty, Allan60 min
89Basic Pen TurningBaumbeck, Bill135 min
17Tool DemosBeall Tool Co.
7Precision Prep of ChiselsCharlesworth, D. 64 min
72Turn AroundClewes, Jimmy133 min
73Back to BasicsClewes, Jimmy120 min
74Turning the World, Vol. 1 NorwayClewes, Jimmy120 min
75Turning the World, Vol. 2 ScotlandClewes, Jimmy90 min
76Turning the World, Vol. 3 Las VegasClewes, Jimmy
77Turn it Up Vol. 1 Clewes, Jimmy
78Turn it Up Vol. 2 Clewes, Jimmy
79Turn it Up Vol. 3 Clewes, Jimmy120 min
80Turn it On Vol. 1Clewes, Jimmy120 min
81Turn it On Vol. 2Clewes, Jimmy120 min
82Turn it On Vol. 3Clewes, Jimmy121 min
11Small FormsCoates, Dustin
14Lidded ContainersCoates, Dustin
88Yo-Yo Turning (One Piece Design)Davidson, Ed120 min
96Sharpening DemystifiedDeHeer, Kirk102 min
50Mastering Your BandsawDuginske, Mark57 min
45Tips for Turners (Part 1)Ellsworth, David 
46Tips for Turners (Part 2)Ellsworth, David 
47Tips for Turners (Part 3)Ellsworth, David 
48Tools for Hollow TurningEllsworth, David 58 min
87Ellsworth Signature GougeEllsworth, David 72 min
3Turned Bowls Made EasyGrumbine, Bill 135 min
4Beyond the Basic BowlGrumbine, Bill 100 min
64Workshop projects (TV)Holtman, Alan80 min
58Woodworking Techniques (DIY TV)Hout, Dave
12JewelryIreland, Beth
15BoxesIreland, Beth
5Turning Outside the BoxIreland, Beth 88 min
30Bowl Basics the Easy Way (Disk 1 of 2)Jamieson, Lyle120 min
31Bowl Basics the Easy Way (Disk 2 of 2)Jamieson, Lyle120 min
84Bowl Basics (Disk 1 of 2)Jamieson, Lyle120 min
85Bowl Basics (Disk 2 of 2)Jamieson, Lyle120 min
105Indepth Hollowing The Easy WayJamieson, Lyle120 min
6Bowl Basics (2 Disk Set)Jamieson, Lyle 
49Hollow TurningJordan, John 120 min
26The Finial BoxKey, Ray50 min
27The Capsule BoxKey, Ray50 min
25The Basic BoxKey, Ray 49 min
22Turning Pens, Basics & Beyond (Vol 1)Kip & Rex
34Turning Pens (Vol 2)Kip & Rex38 min
43Turning Unusual MaterialsKlein, Bonnie 100 min
44Chatter Techniques & Coloring  Klein, Bonnie 80 min
104Making Threaded BoxesKline, Bonnie120 min
10TopsLacer, Alan
13Turned HandlesLacer, Alan
19Son of SkewLacer, Alan120 min
32The Skew Chisel  (Dark & Sweet Side)Lacer, Alan90 min
71W.T.  Shopmade tools & JigsLacer, Alan130 min
29Turning a Large FinealLowe, Phil
102Tools & TequniquesLucas, Glenn120 min
2From the Tree to the TableMahoney, Mike72 min
28On the McNaughton Center SaverMahoney, Mike50 min
62Woodworks (TV)Marks, David
61Woodworks (TV)-SharpeningMarks, David  
54Turning Wooden Hats Michelson, J. 
53Wet Turning With a  DifferenceMortimer, Stuart80 min 
33Striar JCC Exhibit, Sep-Oct ‘08MSSW Members
67Segmented Woodturning (R.I. Club)Nazarath, George85 min
57Turning Green WoodO’Donnell, M.78 min
9One Tool WonderOaks, Grahm
63Woodturning Workshop (PBS TV)PBS91 min
106Metal SpinningPenn State Industries120 min
91Beginners Guide to Pen MakingPenn State Industries43 min
107Surface DesignPho, Bihn 120 min
39WoodturningRaffan, Richard114 min
4012 ProjectsRaffan, Richard90 min
100Turnning BoxesRaffan, Richard120 min
98Christmas Ornaments #6Rex & Kip120 min
103Projects #6Rex & Kip120 min
16Xmas OrnamentsRosand, Robert
55Natural Edged BowlSams, Denver 60 min
41Making a PeppermillSokolowski, Ted110 min
101Metal InlaySokolowski, Ted110 min
20ProEdge Sharpening SystemSorby, Robert
21Eccentric Chuck ProjectsSorby, Robert
23Focus on Metal SpinningSorby, Robert32 min
24Decorative TechniquesSorby, Robert75 min
51Starting out WoodturningSorby, Robert
1Focus on Thread CuttingSorby, Robert 55 min
83Elliptical Turning, An IntroductionSpringett, David57 min
56Wood Turning WizardrySpringett, David
35Decorative Effects and ColoringStott, Chris
37Natural Edges and Hollow FormsStott, Chris
36Finishing for Wood TurnersStott, Chris 72 min
38Inlaid and Novelty BoxesStott, Chris 80 min
42Bowl TurningStubbs, Dell120 min
52Introduction To WoodturningTelson & Patton45 min
94Introduction to Segmented TurningTheobald, Curt85 min
95Segmented PatternsTheobald, Curt110 min
99Lessons in Segmented TurningTibbetts, Malcolm120 min
68Vol 1, Segmented WT Getting StartedTibbetts, Malcolm 1120 min
69Vol 2, Segmented WT Tips, Tricks, etc.Tibbetts, Malcolm 2120 min
70Vol 3, Segm'ted WT, Exploring PossibilitiesTibbetts, Malcolm 3120 min
92Vol 4, Segmented W.T. ProjectsTibbetts, Malcolm 4120 min
93Vol 5, More Segmented WT ProjectsTibbetts, Malcolm 5120 min
8International Turning Exchange 2006Various Artists33 min
65Hollow Form  (Hank’s Place Part 1)Vesery, J.
66Carving & Coloring  (Hank’s Place Part 2)Vesery, J.
86Twists & Advanced TurningWhite, Dennis 87 min
59Woodturning Workshop (PBS TV)Yoder, Tim
60Woodturning Workshop (PBS TV)Yoder, Tim